In the summer of 2018 we got our puppy, Beacon. An adorable puppy who was full of energy and exuberance. We were in Boston at the time and we struggled with living in an apartment in the city and tried to teach our Beacon to adapt to human ways. We did not have much progress. In the early fall we went to Florida at which time we learned about Rachel from a friend. We had had many recommendations in Boston, but they did not prove to be very fruitful.

We went to Rachel’s and got a tour of her property and an introduction into her philosophy about dog training and socialization. For humans it was understandable and even Beacon seemed to agree.

What followed was sheer perfection. Rachel had an almost magical way with Beacon, encompassing patience, knowledge, understanding and experience in her training sessions. We knew from our time with Beacon that she was learning and digesting her teachings. What was truly great to see was that as we got within about ½ mile of Rachel’s, Beacon became excited to be going to Rachel’s. Upon arrival, Beacon would bound out of the car and go running into the arms of one of the staff or Rachel without looking back. Beacon’s introduction to socializing both with people and dogs proved to be a wonderful gift. Rachel had informed us early on about the need for socialization and it, like the other parts of her philosophy proved to be right. Beacon’s ability to get along with people and other dogs making it a treat to be with our pet.

Along with all this, we needed to learn what Rachel was doing, how to do it ourselves and how to continue in other areas of training so that we could carry on her work and enhance it. We were informed that Rachel would come to our home and train us in the process of teaching our dog. She came and was just as patient and clear in her instructions with us as she obviously was with Beacon.

So, in summary, we give Rachel the top grade-an A+ in all categories. And we might add her staff our delightful and gentle with the dogs. We cannot recommend Rachel and her facility highly enough.

Barbara and Peter Sidel
2020 Jupiter & Boston

Bob & Barbara Sidel2020 Jupiter & Boston