I have known Rachel since my dog was a little puppy at 2 months of age. I remember being so desperate at times thinking I would not be able to train my dog Penny and even regretting getting a dog! I went to Rachel classes on Saturdays and also took Penny to the socialization classes and Rachel would always give me advice on how to train Penny and told me to be patient! I took all of her advice and methods and today Penny is a completely different dog. She is 15 months and very social, loving, very very smart dog and she can do all sorts of fun tricks. Even though I have moved from the area where Rachel is, she is still the only one I trust and I will gladly drive to where she is. Most recently I left Penny with Rachel for Board and Training as I will be going out of the country soon and I was truly impressed with the organization of her place and I have zero concerns of leaving my dog there for the times I will travel. Rachel only uses positive reinforcement when training the dogs and she has a special connection with the animals. Penny always comes back an improved dog when she comes back from Rachel's home! Thank you Rachel you are amazing! Penny is looking forward to her next Board and Training with you!

BiancaMiami, FL