Emily has been a godsend from the start. She took time to meet with us and get to know our two dogs, one of which is very skittish and nervous in new situations. Emily is understanding and her training and knowledge of dogs and their behaviors make it so easy for us to entrust our dogs in her care and in our home. They both quickly grew to love Emily and are so excited to see her each day! Emily is loving and encouraging and treats our dogs as her own. She gives them lots of love and affection and even gets a kick out of their quirks like only a dog lover can. She shares how they are doing each day, and since she has been walking our dogs there have been almost no “accidents” in the house with our puppy. When we were out of town Emily went above and beyond the call of duty during the dogs slumber parties. We feel so lucky to have her – she has made such a difference in our lives! Thank you, Auntie Emily, for all you do for us! Woof!

BethClermont, FL