Tansy Barton was simply wonderful with our service dog, Darby. We had called other trainers, but they wanted to used methods such as choke chains to train our dog to walk on a lead. Not only did Tansy successfully train Darby to be a first class service dog, she did it with positive reinforcement methods rather than traditional punishment based methods. She also truly understands animal psychology because her training instilled confidence in our dog that he did not have previously. He was a very timid dog prior to her training, but now he proudly goes out in public with us and he is not afraid. He behaves like a perfect gentleman. I can now take Darby out with me in any public forum and I am never concerned about his behavior. His presence allows me to go out and not have to worry about my sugar levels. Her training not only helped my dog, but she helped me. We could not have done it without her expertise.


Ann RoanSanford, FL