I moved to Florida in 2012, with my trusty dog, Bella. I searched all over Palm Beach County for a fun, safe, and reliable day care for her. I visited several places that were so large, there was really no way they could adequately supervise the dozens of dogs on site and it seemed my dog always came away with some small injury or illness. I looked at places run out of people’s homes as well, but found they were just people who liked dogs, not people who had any training or expertise with them.

I was so excited and relieved when we found Rachel Williams with DogSmith. Rachel is phenomenal! She runs a small doggie daycare and training facility out of her home. She knows every dog personally, their histories, their behavioral patterns, and the dogs they like to play with best . She is a wonderful trainer, for the dogs and for their people. I find that my dog comes back home better behaved, exhausted, and ready to snuggle. And I love getting the occasional picture of my dog playing during the day!

Bella and I couldn’t be happier with our experience with Rachel’s DogSmith day care. There just isn’t any comparison in Palm Beach County.

Amber LydiaJupiter, Fl