Jessie was found on the streets of Panama City in late December 2010. He was rescued by Amy Shepherd who took him into her home. Jessie was around five months of age and had been living on the streets. While Amy searched for a new home for Jessie she asked if we could foster him during the holiday period, unfortunately 'the Inn was full'.

We decided it was best to find him a home and within days Amy did just that. Jessie was adopted by Brian who lives in Panama City and he went to his new home with a promise from The DogSmith that we would offer Jessie a FREE place in our DogSmith 14 day 'Board & Train' program in late January. When we received a call from Brian taking us up on our offer we were delighted.

Jessie is a great dog, very smart and full of personality, not to mention how handsome he is. This interpreted by Dog Trainers means he was fun and challenging to work with. This is a short video of Rachel, The DogSmith Palm Beach County Fl, teaching Jessie to happily go into and out of his crate.