This is a short video of Jessie learning to 'touch' a ball with his nose. We shaped the behavior gradually.

You can see how Rachel, The DogSmith Palm Beach County,  clicks and treats for any movement towards the ball, looking at the ball until eventually he touches the ball.

Once he starts to touch the ball correctly each time we would then attach a cue to the behavior. After several repetitions we then use the cue 'touch' to drive the behavior. Once we have good cue control Jessie is only then reinforced when he touches the ball after he hears the cue.  This 'touch' cue can then be generalized to many other things.

This is a fun, fast and non invasive or aversive way to teach dogs new things. You can see Jessie is enjoying it, look at his relaxed body and he 'stays in the game' wants to learn.