Jessie was a dog that would jump very badly. If he did not get attention from the jumping he would nip, a very inappropriate behavior. Ignoring him or turning your back on his did not work, it just frustrated him and thus the behavior got stronger.

After a few short sessions we had Jessie offering sits instead of jumping. No punishments used and no aversive methods.

We simply reinforced anything except for the jumping. When we had a strong sit behavior we put it on cue.
Because the jumping became inefficient and ineffective for Jessie (it did not work) he learned that to get attention he could offer another behavior, preferably as sit.

The goal was achieved. We stopped the jumping and Jessie still got attention. A win-win solution for all involved.
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Please note that The DogSmith very quickly removes treats and food from the training process. When we have robust behaviors on a reliable cue then the behavior is put onto a variable reinforcement schedule, they get a treat every so often.