Sit’ means ‘sit’, ‘down’ means ‘down’ and ‘come’ means ‘come’.

Do you command your dog or cue them?

Do they work for you because they enjoy it or to avoid something unpleasant?

When you finish a training session with your dog, are they relieved or ready for more?

Does your training session and do your training methods enhance your relationship with your dog?

I for one want to train my dog in a way and using methods that they enjoy. I want them motivated, happy and begging for more.

I want my dogs in the game, learning new behaviors, increasing their behavior repertoire.

I am committed to resolve behavior problems in a way that leaves no damaging side effects; no “fall out”. I am a DogSmith.

This is Dobie. Look at her tail. She’s happy. Look at her body, relaxed and comfortable, and look at her pure enjoyment. Dobie is a good example of an obedient dog well trained around distractions and having loads of fun. After all, she is my best friend. Why would she or I want it any other way? Training dogs to a good level of obedience can be achieved without always having to hold food under their mouth, without shocking them, and without using aversive methods.

Most importantly, training dogs can be done in a way that both the dog and the handler enjoy. Methods that improve the dog – human relationship and when the training session is finished both dog and handler want more.

Watch this short video of a well behaved older dog surrounded by distractions