Well dogs pull or lag behind on a leash when we walk them because….

  1. They are allowed too. They pull to get to other dogs, smells, people and places.
  2. We tend to overly correct our dogs when they are on a leash by jerking and pulling them.
  3. If you jerk or tug your dog to teach him not to pull then for the dog this means the slacking of the leash is followed quickly by pain or discomfort. So your dog will try to avoid the loose leash, consequently he is likely to pull more.
  4. You get irritated by him, you yell at the dog or grab him, thus he moves away from you creating tension on the leash
  5. When a dog pulls on a leash it hurts his neck. The dog pulls harder to escape the pain.


 There are some very effective methods that we can use to get our dogs to walk nicely on a leash without us having to shout at them or physically pull or tug them around. A leash is for safety only, it is not a steering wheel or a rudder and should not be used to physically control the dog. Train your dog to want to walk nicely with a loose leash, give then 5 feet of room around you to wander so they enjoy the walk too.

Enroll in a Pet Dog Training Class and enjoy teaching your dog how to walk nicely. You can then both enjoy many miles of pleasant walking.