Punitive dog training, whispering and outdated behavior therapy: What might it be doing to YOUR DOG!

Click here to read a statement from The Pet Professional Guild

There are still huge numbers of ‘stamp and jerk’ dog trainers and whisperers at large with their choke chains, spiked collars, shock collars, rape alarms, correction sticks and bullying attitudes who haven’t chosen to move on into the humane, modern age of dog training. ASK WHY? of those trainers who still want to be cruel to dogs by training with punishment, correcting jerks and coercion when kind training methods are so much better, and are so very widely known and applied all over the world these days?

ASK WHY? of those ‘behaviorists’ who persist in deploying those long out-of-date ‘dominance reduction’ and one-size-fits-all ‘nothing in life is free’ programs  in the name of behavioral therapy. Why are they telling you to ignore and thus punish your dog? Don’t they know that this threatens the bond you have with your dog and potentially inflicts huge psychological damage on him? Click Here for more information.

‘SAY NO!’ to all of them! There is no such thing as ‘Being Cruel to be Kind’ in the name of dog training or behavior consulting. Such dog trainers, whisperers and behaviorists are simply being ‘Cruel to be Cruel’ with these long outdated, inhumane and discredited techniques.

Don't be fooled by the fact that they may be members of some institute, council or guild. Ask to see their Code of Conduct. If they don't have one, ‘SAY NO!’ and walk away. If they do have one, see what techniques and equipment are NOT excluded and so might be employed with your dog. ASK WHY they might want to abuse your dog with any such unpleasantness, then, if you are not satisfied that your dog will be safe from harm, protect him! ‘SAY NO!’ and walk away.

Speak to a professional who commits to training your dog without the use of fear, pain or outdated equipment.  Contact your local DogSmith, if we cannot find a DogSmith in your area we will locate a professional trainer for you through the Pet Professional Guild