The DogSmith National Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise joins Pet Tech®, Inc. encouraging all animal lovers to participate in the eleventh annual Pet First Aid Awareness Month™.

Florida, April 1, 2010 – The month of April is this year’s designated Pet First Aid Awareness Month™, established to acknowledge the importance of knowing your pet’s health and knowing what’s “normal” for your pet so you can quickly recognize what’s “not normal” and be able to administer basic first aid.  According to the Pet Safety Guy, Thom Somes, "Preventable accidents are the leading cause of death & disability among pre-senior dogs and cats."

In its eleventh year, Pet First Aid Awareness Month continues to be a focal point for pet owners and Pet Care Professionals. Each year the importance of education and training, as part of being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet owner and Pet Care Professional, is emphasized. Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that has been injured or suddenly taken ill. This includes home care and when necessary veterinary help. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death; temporary and permanent disability; and expensive veterinarian bills and reasonable home care.  When pet owners hire professional pet care professionals it is absolutely essential they ensure the person entrusted with the care of their pet has these skills. It is estimated that 1-out-of-4 additional pets could be saved if just one basic skill or technique was applied before receiving veterinary care.

Along with their ongoing message on the importance of the necessary skills of CPR, first aid and care for our four-legged, furry, family members, this year’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month theme features “Pets & People Staying Healthy Together.”  The five elements for optimal

wellness and health include 1) Human-Animal Bond, 2) Knowing Your Pet’s Health, 3) Exercise, 4) Diet & Nutrition / Water and 5) Quality Supplementation.

Niki Tudge, founder of the DogSmith, says “Our pets provide us with so much joy and unconditional love we need to return their love by making sure they lead happy and healthy lives by properly training them, feeding them a quality diet and being prepared to administer first aid.”

For tips on how you can participate in The Pet First Aid Awareness Month or to find a Pet First Aid class near you visit or contact your local DogSmith Certified Pet Care Expert.

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