Residential Pet Waste


Get Clean, Go Green!

When you sign up on line you will receive a call from your local office welcoming you to the service, explaining your service dates and asking important information about your pets


Service Scope and How We Clean –
Because your dog can be clever about where he “goes” and scooping poop is not an exact science we use a strict “search and scoop” grid pattern. This method ensures that the Pet Waste Specialist Technician will pass over every part of your yard at least twice to make sure nothing is missed. We will also apply a deodorizing spray that minimizes the pet waste damage to your lawn. Our pooper scoopers will always leave a card informing you that we have serviced your yard and if there is anything to report (broken gate, dog worms, digging under the fence etc.). When leaving a yard we always check and double check your gate to make sure it is securely fastened and Fido is safely contained.

pwresidentialWe conform to the highest industry standards.

  • We scoop up and remove all waste from your yard at each service visit.
  • We disinfect our tools and shoes before entering your yard.
  • We observe your pet's demeanor and health.
  • We ensure all gates are locked as we come and go from your yard.
  • We confirm our service delivery by leaving you a "we were here" card.
  • We notify you of any concerning observations we make about your pet's waste.
  • We remove all small trash, defined as smaller than a soda can.
  • We are bonded and insured.

Additional Yard Services that may be offered by your local DogSmith

  • Scoop Front Yard
    If you require your front yard cleaned as an addition to your back yard there is a small per visit fee.
  • Odor Mute
    This all-natural product covers up to 500 square feet per application (one gallon) and should ideally be done at least once per week to eliminate the smell of dog urine from your yard
  • All-Natural Flea, Tick, & Mosquito Barrier Spray
    The price is for a one gallon application that covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Trifectant Disinfectant Spray
    Broad Spectrum disinfectant. The Price is per gallon. One gallon thoroughly disinfects 300 sq. ft. Recommended for homes that have experienced Parvo, Distemper or other contagious canine diseases.

Billing Information


  • We accept all types of payment except for cash.
  • Services are pre-paid one month in advance.
  • No contracts are required, you may cancel anytime.
  • If you prepay for 6 Months of service you receive a 6% discount.
  • If you prepay 12 months of service you receive a 10% discount.
  • Credit card customers will be charged on the same day every month based on the date of their original registration.
  • If you cancel service in the middle of the month then we will complete the month of service. We are not able to issue refunds in the month of active service.
  • If you require a paid receipt each month please email your local DogSmith Franchise Owner.
  • If we skip a regular service visit at your request because you will be out of town we will only be able to credit your account for the skipped service if your yard has been recently cleaned and your dog(s) are away at the same time. This is because the work required to service your yard after a skipped visit will be double that of a regular service visit if your dog is not away during that same period.

Service Information

  • DogSmith Pet Waste Specialists do not work on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, or Independence Day. If your service falls on one of these days then we will service your yard either the day before the holiday or the day after.
  • We do work in light rain and cold weather. In the event that the weather is too extreme we may delay service. The technician will make up the service within 48 hours.
  • If we cannot access your yard we will contact you by phone or email. If we arrive to your yard and cannot access the area to be serviced we do count that as a service visit.
  • You agree to pay the applicable fees that were quoted to you at your time of sign up. These rates are also posted on our website.
  • We cannot be held responsible for damaging old gates or fences when opening them.
  • If your yard is not serviced due to circumstances beyond our control, i.e. illness, vehicle problems or extreme weather then your next month's invoice will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • Our service hours are from dawn to dusk.
  • In the case of a dog bite of an employee, the owner of the animal and/or the property owner shall be held completely liable for any and all damages not covered by our general liability insurance policy and the homeowner's insurance.
  • You will immediately notify your Local DogSmith Franchise office if there is a change in the number of your pets. Service refunds cannot be made if the client forgets to inform DogSmith of a decrease in their number of pets.
  • DogSmith does not guarantee specific times of cleaning nor do we provide a window of time cleaning will occur other than the daylight hours on the scheduled day of service.
  • DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Client and The Locally Owned and Operated DogSmith Franchise agree that if any dispute, controversy or claim arises out of or relating to the subject matter of this Agreement, the parties shall make every reasonable effort to first attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution directly between them. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute, controversy or claim between them, the parties will use mediation to attempt to resolve the dispute, controversy or claim. If the parties are still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, the parties shall use binding arbitration of the American Arbitration Association (AAA)] rather than litigation to resolve the dispute, controversy or claim.