If you answer yes to any of these questions then it it time to call a Professional Dog Trainer or Certified Dog Behavior Counselor.

Does  your dog have “accidents” in the house?

Does your dog lunge at other dogs or people on walks?

Does your dog have problems getting  along with the other animals in the household?

Is it difficult for you to take a valued toy or food away from your dog?

Does the dog threaten you when you go near its food bowl?

Is your dog fearful of loud noises, Storms or the Vacuum?

Does your dog bark long periods of time at things passing by?

How long does your dog bark when guests pull up?

Does your dog bark and jump at guests when they arrive at your house?

Does your dog act strangely around children?

Is your dog fearful of going to vets?

Does your dog eat its poo?

Is it hard to brush your dog and clip it?s nails at home?

Is your dog uncomfortable in a crate?

Does your dog follow you everywhere in your house? Is she destructive when left



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