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Puppy Getting The Better of You?

Life is So Much Better With a Well Trained Dog!

DogSmith Puppy OneHere at The DogSmith we recognize that getting a puppy can be exciting and frustrating. Puppies are delightful, cute, funny and highly entertaining. Unfortunately, they do not come with an owner’s manual. We are changing all of that. The DogSmith has developed Puppy Training Programs that provide you with everything you need to train your puppy from ‘cute and cuddly’, through the ‘terrible twos’, all the way to ‘best friend’. The Puppy Pack Puppy Training Programs are designed for puppies from 7 weeks to 6 months of age, and establish the foundation for the puppy’s entire life.

The ‘Puppy Pack’ Puppy Training Goals include house-training, crate training, bite inhibition (puppy nipping), doggie social skills with people and dogs, and some key puppy obedience skills like, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stand’, ‘Come’, ‘Walk nicely’, ‘let’s go’, ‘leave it’, ‘name recognition’ and ‘stay’ behaviors.DogSmith Puppy Packages


The DogSmith Puppy Pack Programs

  1. Puppy Pack Board & Train 14-Day Package. The DogSmith ‘Puppy Pack Board & Train’ option is a 14-day puppy training program that takes place in the home of a certified DogSmith Dog Trainer. The DogSmith takes the puppy through a scheduled 14-day program that begins with puppy crate training and house-training. Each day new training skills are introduced to the puppy.
  2. Puppy Pack Latch-Key 14-day Training Program. The DogSmith ‘Puppy Pack Latch-Key Puppy Training Program’ takes place in your home. The DogSmith visits your home three times each day. This package helps you, under the supervision of a DogSmith, to ensure your puppy’s house-training schedule is maintained with two visits to the home each day to exercise and ‘let out’ your puppy. The third visit each day is a puppy training visit. The DogSmith takes the puppy through a scheduled 14-day training program that begins with crate training and house-training, with new skills introduced to the puppy each day.
  3. Puppy Pack Private In-Home 14 day Training Package. The DogSmith ‘Private In-Home 14-day Puppy Training Package’ guides you through teaching your puppy all the necessary skills. The DogSmith makes a daily visit to your home to work with your dog and a family member, and takes you and your puppy through a scheduled 14-day program beginning with puppy crate training and house-training. Under the guidance of your DogSmith Dog Trainer,a new skill is introduced to your puppy each day with a daily homework assignment for your family to work on.

DogSmith Puppy Three PackagesTo learn more, click here to schedule your consultation. Each puppy (less than 6 months of age) enrolled into one of the DogSmith Puppy Pack Training Programs receives a lifetime membership into the DogSmith Puppy Pack.

sealThis membership includes:

  1. The DogSmith Puppy Pack Membership Card
  2. Monthly DogSmith Newsletter enrollment
  3. 10% discount on all future DogSmith group dog or puppy training classes
  4. 10% discount on DogSmith private dog or puppy training
  5. 10% discount on The DogSmith In-Home pet care services at any DogSmith location for the life of the puppy
  6. The DogSmith Puppy Pack Member who refers four puppy friends into a DogSmith Puppy Pack Puppy Training Program will receive a referral credit of $50.00
  7. A PAL® Tag and PAL® database registration
  8. A DogSmith Puppy Pack graduation certificate
  9. Wholesale pricing on The DogSmith’s retail line of Holistic Pet Food and Pet Care Products
  10. 10% discount on The DogSmith Weekly Pet Waste Clean-Up Program
  11. AKC Puppy Star Registration and Assessment


button_puppypackIsn’t it amazing how we expect puppies to arrive in our home fully trained and perfectly fluent in the English language? And then we are amazed when our new dog doesn’t understand the simplest instructions we give them. Like a tourist in a foreign country, we think that if we just talk louder and slower somehow our new puppy will miraculously understand what we want it to do. But in our modern world, the ability to communicate with and understand man’s best friend is as fundamental as driving, using the Internet and doing taxes every April.

But there is so much conflicting and confusing information about dog behavior and dog training that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is best for our canine family members.

Learning to communicate with your family pet should be fun for you and your dog but it should also be effective without causing any damage or unexpected side effects. More importantly, the methods you use to communicate with your dog should not be based on outdated myths or debunked theories. It is critical that any training methods you use with your beloved pet should be well-founded in science and not rely on fads, gimmicks, the latest electronic push-button gizmo or the edited smoke and mirrors used on television reality shows. And force and pain should never used.