In the pet industry probiotics are now one of the key ingredients that pet food buyers look to find in the ingredient list of their pet food. However not all foods are alike and there are differing methods used to incorporate probiotics into the manufacturing process of pet food. These methods range from spraying the probiotics onto cooked, dried kibble to the use of microencapsulated forms of probiotics that are introduced prior to the cooking process.

So, what are Probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria’s (bifidus and lactobacillus) that live in the intestinal tract of both animals and humans. Probiotics aid in digestive tract health. They help with the absorption of nutrients and keep the pet’s immune system strong. If you have a cat that constantly vomits or a dog that is prone to diarrhea then this is one important component of your pet’s food intake that may be missing.  Dr Jane Bicks (HealthyPetNet™ 2010) states that ‘These helpful bacteria can have numerous positive effects on their host’s body’, including:

• They cause the chemical reactions that convert foods into vitamins and energy
• They compete with unhealthy microorganisms, helping block their grip on the lining of the gut wall
• They increase the tolerance of bad bacteria by stimulating the immune system
• They protect the gut mucosal barrier, thereby promoting the health of the gut lining

So these good bacteria are necessary to maintain a healthy ecology of the intestinal microbes know also as ‘gut flora”. ‘Whether you refer to these health-promoting bacteria as “probiotics” or “direct fed microbials”, their effect on the digestive system of your companion animal simply can’t be overstated. In fact, after a careful review of all the information, it would appear that direct fed microbials are vital to your pet’s health’ (Dr J Bicks 2010).

Feeding the right food can save money in health care

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