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Module # 303 Operant Conditioning Education

Part One an introduction to learning Theory Watch your webinar here 

Part Two  an introduction to Operant Conditioning watch your webinar here 

Part Three  webinar  Part A and Part B
Part Four webinar  Part A and Part B


Module # 304 Respondent Conditioning Education

Respondent Conditioning Webinar One

Respondent Conditioning Webinar Two

Respondent Conditioning Webinar Three

Webinar on Antecedent Protocols. Click here

Webinar on thresholds. Click here


Module # 301 Canine Ethology, Development and Neuropsychology

Focused on ethology, domestication and dog breeds Webinar One

Focused on Puppy developmental periods and key puppy developmental skills and behaviors Webinar Two

Focused on the canine nervous system, the brain, endocrine system and how these impact emotions and stress Webinar Three