Specialty Group Classes

DogSmith Group Training Classes - (6 weeks)

Check with your local DogSmith for their open class schedule


Fun Scent Games

  • Fun Scent Games Level 1 Classes. This six week class meets for one hour and is limited to 6 dogs. Your dog will learn fun games to search for food. This popular dog sport enables you to wear your dog out mentally so it is ideal for active dogs, dogs with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to play a fun game with their dog. Dogs learn to systematically search boxes and other objects for hidden food. The level of difficultly increases each week and it is fascinating to watch the dogs catch scent and make a find. Dogs and parents give this class a very high rating for fun!
  •  Fun Scent Games Level 2 – Find What Smells Like Me. This six week class meets for one hour each week and is limited to 6 dogs. Level 2 makes use of the amazing scent detection abilities of your dog. Level 2 focuses on teaching dogs to find what smells like their owner. 

Specialty Behavior Concerns

  • BAH-HUMBUG! Grumpy Dog Teach your Grumpy Dog Dog-on-Dog Etiquette. Got a grump in the family? Then don’t delay getting into our Grumpy Dog class designed for dogs that don’t reliably get along with other dogs or struggle with their focus in distracting environments. This class is not for aggressive dogs. For your peace of mind and that of your fellow students, we may have to assess the suitability of your dog prior to attending class. If your dog has a bite history with other dogs or people then please register for a private consultation. In some cases it may be necessary to do some private training prior to joining the Grumpy Dog group class. Sign up now and start getting the grump out of your dog.

Specialty Single Skill Classes

  • Off With Their Leash! Off-Leash Etiquette When you’ve decided to take your dog’s training to the next level, our Off-Leash Etiquette class is tailor made for you. This 6-week course focuses on advanced handling for the more serious dog owner who wants the freedom and confidence of being able to control your dog at a distance, off-leash. We will focus on off-leash behaviors like out-of-sight stay, distance recall and off-leash heeling. We also teach you, the dog trainer, how to introduce distance into your cues and how to build and proof strong obedience skills. Few things are more satisfying than working with your dog reliably at a distance.
  • Step Back to the Curb! Snap-Back Recall For ultimate safety, this 6-week course covers just one skill, a really reliable recall. Gain peace of mind knowing that in an emergency situation your dog will return to you when asked. We begin by teaching the dog a solid response to its name. We will then build on the recall behavior by playing lots of games and reinforcing fast returns to you. As your dog’s recall strengthens we practice the recall amidst distractions and then we proof the behavior for reliability. You may only need your recall once but when you need it, it has to work. Register now.
  • Take Back the Leash! Walk Nicely Are you tired of your dog pulling and dragging you around by its leash, but you don’t need or want a formal, obedience arena style heel? Our Walk-Nicely course is just the thing. This 6-week program focuses on just one skill, walking nicely on a leash. This is a very important skill for you and your dog to master. Dogs that cannot walk nicely on a leash tend to get left at home missing out on the huge benefits of daily exercise and spending quality time with you. Teach your dog this crucial skill so you can both enjoy long and relaxed walks together. Register now.

Dog Sport Classes

  • DogSmith “Just for Fun Agility”(available at limited DogSmith locations) “Just for Fun” agility focuses on FUN! Fun with jumps, tunnels, and weave poles and other backyard equipment everyone can locate. This class is a great start if you are not sure about your level of commitment to agility or your dog’s suitability for the sport.
  • “Just for Fun” Rally focuses on FUN! Fun for you and your dog while you learn to navigate a course at a brisk, continuous pace, with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform. Some of the exercises you will work on are Sit-Down-Sit, Straight Figure Eight, Send Over Jump, Pivot 180° Right, Spiral Right with Dog on the Outside, Side Step Right, and Drop on Recall. Rally is a great way to continue working with your dog at a fun sport. This 6 week class is a great start to learning about this fun sport and it culminates with a fun Rally competition in week 6.

One Hour Specialty Lessons

  • Skills Tune-Up 1 Hour Specialty Lesson Are your dog’s skills getting a little rusty? Maybe becoming a little sloppy or inconsistent? Then you need our Skills Tune-Up session. The DogSmith Skills Tune-Up is a quick 1 hour refresher in a group environment. Just the thing to sharpen up any skills you want! The DogSmith Just For Fun Classes! – (6 weeks)
  • One Hour Puppy Orientation Workshop Our New Puppy Orientation workshop will teach you how to house train your puppy in the fastest, easiest and most humane way. We will explore how a dog learns when to eliminate, at what age he has the control to avoid frequent accidents, what cleaning solutions work best on the messes, how his feeding schedule can impact his potty training, and much more. We will also talk about other common puppy/adolescent issues such as crating, nipping, chewing, jumping and barking.