What Your Pet Doula Can Help You With

When you love a pet, it is never too soon to think about the end, how you envision this, how you think you will react, and what support you need. There is never an ideal time to say goodbye; often, a window enables you to set a plan in motion to help your pet transition in a peaceful and calm manner surrounded by loved ones!

Planning now can help alleviate important decisions at the worst possible time! Working with your DogSmith Doula brings complete positive regard, we are here for you, to help your plan and support your journey. 

Chat with us about vision mapping, any legacy you wish to preserve, and the stories you want to enshrine.

We can help with

  • Planning activities and key events
  • Legacy support
  • Planning a celebration of life
  • Ceremony and ritual building
  • Coordination of hospice and in-home pet care
  • Enrichment activities for declining pets
  • Emotional and physical support
  • Funeral and cremation planning and coordination.
  • Bedside support and comfort.




Tenets of Doula Care

  • Accept that death and dying are a normal part of life
  • Have a foundational knowledge of symptoms associated with terminal illnesses, the physiology of death, and techniques for alleviating suffering
  • Provide non-medical, nonjudgmental emotional/spiritual support and soothing physical comfort measures.
  • Cultivate inner calm and peacefulness, even in the face of chaos and intensity.
  • Promote informed consent for each client.
  • Help gather relevant information and connect clients to beneficial resources.
  • Assist clients with living their last days with their pet to the fullest - developing wishes for care together, arranging visits, and encouraging the preservation of energy for what’s most important.
  • Hold a client’s hand through the purposeful work of resolutions, story sharing, life reflections, and legacy projects.
  • Trust in each person's inherent wisdom to decide and discover his or her own best path for them and their pet.
  • Companion rather than treat.
  • Empower and encourage a client to operate within their comfort zones; fill-in support gaps as they arise.
  • Feel comfortable sitting vigil and respectfully assisting in after-death care as directed by a client.
  • Provide a continued presence, when requested, during the initial grief and bereavement phase.

How Can We Help You?


Please schedule an initial consultation below.
  1. Choose a date and time that works for you. The first appointment is 30 minutes
  2. During this appointment, we will gather information about you, your pet, and your family.
  3. We will then create a journey plan just for you.
  4. You will be invoiced $15.00 for the first fact-gathering appointment, which we hold via Zoom


Thank You DogSmith!

My husband and I had an aggressive German Shepard that we didn’t know what to do with. Rod worked with us to train Beau, and helped us
socialize him with other dogs. He ended up a model citizen. Rod’s expertise was invaluable. We recommend him wholeheartedly.


Betsey Allen, Boston, MA

What to Expect During a Dog Behavior Consultation

Our consultations begin with a detailed history of your dog’s behavior problems.  The more we know about your dog’s history and the behavior problem, the more effectively we can address it. We may also observe your dog’s behavior and the interaction of your dog with family members. We will then develop a behavior modification program and help you set realistic and achievable goals.


Why You Should Call Your DogSmith Certified Dog Behavior Consultant


As soon as you notice any behavior problems with your dog call your local DogSmith. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Identifying the causes of a behavior problem early can make the difference between a happy, enjoyable relationship with your dog and a stressful, on-going battle with your canine companion.

Thank You DogSmith!

I found Louise to be friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Our session with my dog, Minnie, was fun and informative and I have learned so much. Louise checks in to see how we are doing, and I feel I have control again. I would highly recommend Louise for all your canine behavioural / training issues.


Sheree Tupper
Ctra de Istán, Málaga (August 2021)

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