The first DogSmith “Drop-In” Class stated in Jupiter Florida and the comments from all who participated are great. Pet dog owners do want to get their dogs trained and the flexibility of The DogSmith Dog Training “Drop-In” class helps them achieve that. The program was developed to support pet dog owners doing right by their dogs. We are all busy with work commitments, social events, kid’s school functions and family commitments. Many people looking for dog training program have come to accept that when the only pet dog obedience offerings are 6 or 8 week programs with no flexibility, training just cannot be done. Those that do commit to the set programs are left feeling unfulfilled as they miss classes and do not have the chance to cover all the skills or achieve their obedience goals. So if you are looking for a great pet dog obedience class with the flexibility to meet your schedule then talks to Rachel Williams, The DogSmith Palm Beach County. You can contact Rachel at where you will find the registration page for the “Drop-In” Program. The DogSmith “Drop-In” program is available at several locations across Florida.