Podcast Interview – Niki Tudge of The DogSmith

by genesower on Monday, December 5th, 2011 | No Comments


Niki Tudge is the founder of The DogSmith, America’s only Force Free Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise, where she developed her proprietary methods of training dogs and their owners. As well as being incredibly effective, her techniques provide for a completely “positive” stress-free, non-threatening learning environment. Niki will discuss how she turned her love of animals into a business.

Niki began her dog training career over a decade ago after having managed luxury hotels all over the world. Since she began her career teaching managers on how to train and develop their staff, it was a natural fit to combine her love and expertise for animals with her many years of education and experience in business and teaching. Her comprehensive, holistic approach to animal care and training is a result of this experience.

Her rare combination of skills, coupled with her passion to improve the pet-human relationship, leaves Niki uniquely qualified to help others improve their relationship with their pet or develop their own pet business.

Niki is widely published on topics of dog training and animal behavior.  She also holds business degrees from Oxford University and is a Certified Dog Trainer and dog Behavior Counselor.


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