The DogSmith National Dog Training Center is located in rural Florida - An ideal dog training venue for year around use and the perfect environment for candidates studying to become professional dog trainers.

The multi-use facility is very flexible and includes several acres of fenced pastures, classroom buildings and kennel areas.

The pasture areas are perfect for pet dog obedience training and the size of field can be varied to accommodate big or small dog training classes. They can also be adapted for whatever dog training skills are being taught, from basic pet dog obedience to competitive dog agility training.


Gizmo Learning The A-Frame

DogSmith Franchise owners receive hands on training at The DogSmith School for Dog TrainersCanine Class Mates at The DogSmith Training Cen and of course the dogs get trained too.

The classrooms for the academic portion of the dog training and animal behavior curriculum are located adjacent to the training fields so professional dog trainer students can quickly put their newly acquired dog training knowledge to practical use in "real life" situations. There are ample additional indoor dog training and kennel areas suitable for animal behavior assessments and practical dog handling lessons.