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Dear Rachel, I am so happy I started training Zeus early in his life, he’s the best dog. He is even good with my friend’s 1 year old and is very kind and gentle with him. Of course, he has his puppy moments still but they are usually running around the yard and bugging the old dogs. So it’s minimal. He’s amazing at the beach and sticks around us the entire time. He is also good about letting dogs walk past him and people to. I give you all of the credit on all of this because your class made me get back into training mode. He’s also very social probably due to the puppy socializations:) It may have been a lot of work at first taking him everywhere, but I loved it, and it has paid off now that he is 9 months old and acting like a mature 10 year old Labrador:) Maybe you’ll see us one of these days, walking down the street Labrador and stroller in hand haha.

LindseyPalm Beach Gardens

Truly, you give us calm hearts, knowing our “special needs” girl feels right at home with you!

“For our special needs dog, Sadie, strange places & unfamiliar people make her terrified and she acts up. Thankfully, she feels safe & comfortable with Rachel, Corne and Chloe, and she has even learned to play well with other dogs. This provides us great relief & calm hearts. We appreciate the updates, accommodating schedule, and of course the fact that Sadie returns home with better manners than she left with! We always recommend Rachel very highly!”

Thank you again for everything!

Lynne GibbonsJupiter, FL

Think of you often! Hope all is well! Maycie’s been a very good girl-she’s maintaining a comfortable threshold distance with other dogs! We no longer run in the opposite direction. She sits like a lady and gives me her attention while we let others pass by! I’m dating someone who has a lovely 2 y/o Corgie boy and we are slowly exposing them to one another. He is very docile which helps a lot. I think she knows what’s at stake here :):) None of this would be happening so nicely were it not for your patience and thoughtful attention to her! Most appreciative!

NancyPalm Beach Gardens, FL

Thank you so much for your support and wonderful training tips. We realize how important training is and will continue to work with Zoey. Even in our busy schedules, your suggestions prove that finding time to train is easily found in daily activities. I’m glad that Animal Care and Control referred us to you.
Thanks again! See you soon.

Ruth & MarkJupiter, FL

Hello Rachel. We were very pleased with your service & will definitely use you again & recommend you to others. Winston was pooped when he got home & all day today, but in a good way because he got to play & have fun. I think he misses all of the fun & attention!! Thanks so much for taking such good care of him. I will be in touch again when we take another trip!! Thanks Again

Elissa & SteveJupiter, FL

Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful work with our new rescued pup, who came really “unhousebroken” at 2 years old. She has made good progress that it is hard to believe we are only entering our third week with you. Actually there are not enough nice words to thank you for your continued support and contact right after our first meeting and training plan. Dr. Scott Martin, our vet, was spot on in referring us to you. It was an added bonus that you were so familiar with Border Collies. Dr. Martin was also right in telling us that many of his clients had been pleased with your services, as we have had some unpleasant trainer experiences in the past. Your kind and gentle demeanor with both Caulay and us has been greatly appreciated.

I also wish to thank you for responding so quickly when this “new mother” became anxious and for always remaining positive. You have been so kind to continue to email and call for updates-something our former trainers never did. Caulay improves on a daily basis, which we could not have done without your wonderful assistance. The easy way you explain and demonstrate everything and then make sure we understand, is training at its best for all of us. Thank you for providing knowledge on how to deal with her submissiveness and timidity, providing all of us with a better way to live. It is really nice that you recognized that Caulay as a rescue might need a little extra care and customized her training plan. We are truly looking forward to our next steps in training.

Rachel, you are so clear in how much you love dogs and have both their welfare, as well as the household’s welfare, in mind at all times. Again, thank you for your many prompt responses and of course for your skills. See you soon!

Claire and Caulay Birdsall

Chris and I would like to thank you again for helping to shape Tripp into the wonderful dog that he is. I cannot express enough gratitude to you. It is a great feeling to know that our dog will come when called, will sit or lay down upon command and stay in that position even if a dog, a human, or even a whole group of… runners in a marathon pass him. It is absolutely crazy to think that he finished his puppy training with you just a year ago. It’s wonderful to have friends over and know he will not tackle them as they come through the door. We are constantly getting compliments on how well behaved and how well trained our very energetic dog is. And with each compliment we get, we respond with “He had an absolutely amazing trainer, who he started private lessons with just after we got him. Without a doubt we would not have gotten these kind of results if we had gone to just any dog trainer, or your run of the mill puppy classes at the local pet store.” Thank you Rachel, you truly are fantastic at what you do!

Amanda & ChrisLoxahatchee, FL

Maybe some of you have seen the pictures of the Husky Luca on the Dogsmith facebook page. I handed Rachel Williams of DogSmith a wolf and got back a loving dog. I am not sure where we would have been without her help, her loving discipline…for both Luca and myself. There are many ‘trainers’ out there that call themselves professionals. It is not until one find someone of Rachel’s caliber that I learned the difference between amateurs and the ‘real thing’. Over the past 2 months I have had the occasion to leave my untrained puppy Luca with Rachel for weeks at a time. Each time he returns to me in better shape than I left him: well fed, loved, trained, tired from good exercise and play and well mannered. There are not enough stars to crown this smithy with. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Rachel is Luca’s second mother, her home his second home.

Elynn BirnbaumJupiter, FL

Rachel has an amazing level of communication with our dog Kodi and almost total control even though he was just a puppy when she started training him. It is a pleasure to watch her work with him and the results have been astonishing. She is always loving but firm and doesn’t let Kodi get away with anything, no matter how cute he looks. We are part-time residents of Palm Beach County and are looking forward to having her work with him again this winter.

Linda BlackwoodJupiter, FL

Rachel was incredible with Sandy Paws, we needed her to be able to interact with children and help to make awareness for Making your Paw Print! Encouraging children to pick up trash! Sandy Paws responded immediately to Rachel, listening and pleasing. I soon followed with the corrected protocol and have Sandy Paws coming to me on command. Sandy Paws will sit and let the children pet her while I explain our mission about Making a Paw Print! Many thanks! Great training!

Sandy Paws Surfer GirlJupiter, FL

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