Pet at Large (PAL) Program

pal_boat_shadowboxResearch has shown that most pets that are lost and returned home safely are wearing a collar or tag with their owner's contact details. Here at the DogSmith our number one priority is to keep your beloved pet safe and secure. This includes helping you find your pet in the event they are lost.

Every DogSmith Pet Care client is eligible for a complimentary identification tag and free registration on our DogSmith PAL® database. The identification tag is imprinted with our toll free number and a unique serial number.

From our website DogSmith customers have access to the DogSmith PAL® Dog Registry where you can register your contact details and your pet's description. Should you ever lose your pet, email us at and we will activate the following:

  1. Within 24 hours we will send out a DogSmith PAL® communication to all the animal rescue groups, newspapers and radio stations within your area detailing your pet's description, and our contact details
  2. We will confirm to you that the PAL® communication has been dispatched using the email address you provide us.
  3. We will immediately forward to you any responses to our PAL® communication so that you may contact the responder.

If you are a DogSmith dog training client who received a DogSmith PAL® Dog Tag when you graduated class or a DogSmith Pet Care Client who has received a PAL® Dog Tag then please register your pet below.


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