Now is the Time to Bail out on Your Job and Become a DogSmith Pet Industry Entrepreneur

If you are wondering whether your job will be bailed out or if the industry you work in will rebound, don’t wait to find out, become part of the solution and start your own business in the resilient pet industry

We are all aware of the economic mess we are in.  Any job security we used to think we had is gone and we are living longer and retiring later making the possibility of outliving our retirement savings very real.  I originally bailed on my job because I wanted independence and I recognized that the ‘security’ of my corporate job was mostly an illusion.  I was also encouraged by the words of J. Paul Getty who said the only way to make a great deal of money is to own your own business.  Like many other budding entrepreneurs, the combination of these factors led me to the booming, recession resistant, pet industry.

Being very conservative by nature, I always felt I needed the security of a job with a large organization and a regular paycheck.  But once I made the leap into my own business I discovered that my income from many small clients was far more secure than a paycheck from a large company that could lay me off with little warning.  After all, what are the chances that none of my customers will pay me?  Not nearly as likely as being laid off.  And even if I temporarily lose a customer or two, they account for only a small percentage of my total income.  I also found that I much prefer owning the monopoly board to being a piece on the corporate game board.  So I took the leap and joined The DogSmith.  Capitalizing on the converging trends of today’s economy combined with a “home-based” professional dog training and pet care business model,  I get it all, a low startup cost, socially responsible, environmentally friendly business opportunity where I truly love what I do for a living.

The DogSmith is an established Dog Training and Pet Care company based on positive learning theory techniques packaged into a proprietary system that is easy and effective to learn and teach.  The DogSmith is unequaled in the Pet industry and is the unrivaled Dog Training, Dog Walking & Pet Care Franchise in the U.S.  They are the representative example of what a socially responsible company can accomplish while creating an enviable lifestyle for DogSmith owners.  The DogSmith is a business model that provides the opportunity for multiple streams of income while giving back to communities through active involvement with animal rescue shelters and groups.  They are redefining what it means to own your own business in a sustainable, socially conscious and eco-friendly way.

Now, more than ever...The DogSmith business opportunity, The DogSmith lifestyle!  To claim your DogSmith territory and begin on your path to independence and financial security view the webcast - click here - Stimulus offer valid until December 15th 2010