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I want to tell you that the class was great and I learned a lot. Ceniza is doing wonderful, we have made servral trips around Lake Eola Park and the trail through Oviedo. She does great with people and especially other dogs, but the swans did not care for her much. The use of treats to get her attention makes it helpful as I don’t have to repeat my command. It may sound funny, but one of the biggest thing that I learned was to “release” her from a sit or a laydown. It has made a world of difference. I showed Ceniza’s report card to my mother to show her that will I never got all A+, my dog did.

Terrific class and I have recommended you to my all neighbors.

H. HartOviedo, FL

I wants to say thank you:)
I no we are only into week 3 but we have noticed a large difference with Hazel. She seems to trust us more and I can’t begin to tell you how it melts my heart when her brown eyes look into mine. So excited to see this transformation and I know the best is yet to come.
Thank you

Nikki CruciataWinter Springs, FL

I just wanted to say how happy I have been that I found you guys, and that Riley has been so lucky to have this experience. It had been a long time since I had a dog (not by my choice) ;). I knew that I was getting an active pup, and that I was going to need to keep her busy. I also knew that that crazy little puppy was a lot to handle when I got her! 🙂
We have both been blessed with this opportunity. She loves to go there, and some weeks I don’t know which one of us enjoys the socials more. I am so glad she has this group of friends, and she loves you guys too!
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and what you do!!!

YavetteOviedo, FL

The trainer Jamie was wonderful. She explained and demonstrated each task very well! Everything was positive from working with the dogs and teaching us how our puppies think about everything. I also would like to thank all the trainers that helped out also. Would definitly recommend this program to anyone!


Susan KurilaOviedo, FL

dogs-and-mikeWe had 2 Canaan dogs (1 female [Kamali] and 1 male [Matey], 8 and 9 respectively) that essentially grew up together (1 litter apart)…..and we thought the idea of introducing a 3rd dog (4 yo femail Kali) into the mix would be easy. And for the most part it was. we put them on neutral ground. they got acquainted……no aggression issues.

But within a few days we had obvious problems. For no apparent reason Kamali was hiding in the closet and within a day we had witnessed Kali biting onto the backside of both dogs. Not good.

We couldn’t see any signs of what was causing this. We were perplexed.

We reached out to DogSmith and they gave us direction. Now, we were 5 states away, but they gave us guidance and a plan. And now, 2.5 months later we have a different, happy pack. No incidents and they are able to share space under supervision. We worked with the dogs everyday on being calm around each other in close interactions, when people arrive, and in close spaces.

We got results but it took work, and frankly without some direction, I don’t know if all the time we spent would have been effective, but DogSmiths gave us what we needed. And together we all have a better, happier pack (including us people)!!!.




Dog Willing has been a huge help in fixing my buddy! Oakley is an 8 month old Goldendoodle, who was unfortunately attacked by another dog. Since then things slid downhill in regards to his behavior, yet Dog Willing has been (and still is) working with him in many ways to get him back on his paws. I have no doubt that, with their help, Oaks will be back to his confident happy self in no time! Shout out to Lina for her dedication, patience and positive approach to any challenge!

Jaquie BlakeOviedo, FL.



“Chris and Lina, thanks again for these incredible training sessions! Skye and I learned a lot throughout the weeks with you two and it has been an amazing, incredible journey. Never knew how good it would feel to see a dog understanding and following my cues. Incredible feeling that will always be because of you two! Thanks again, and I will surely be back again for Intermediate and Socials, now and again.”


ShaneOviedo, FL.


 “LOVE Dog Willing Positive Training Solutions!  Leah teaches how to use a positive approach to training, and really teaches the dogs how to THINK rather than just follow commands.  I highly recommend Leah and Dog Willing!” 

JamiWinter Park, FL.



“Positive training is right! My dogs responded so well to Leah and her up-beat positive training techniques. I can’t believe the time and money I’ve wasted on other trainers in the past. Leah is the best dog trainer in Central Florida.”

Randi GaskillWinter Park, FL.



“For almost 25 years I have been rehabbing dogs either physically or mentally but this past year I received a dog that had me completely stumped as to how to help him. I contacted Leah based on recommendation of another Chihuahua owner whose awesome dog is a graduate of Leah’s classes. My dog was exhibiting mixed signals of friendship and aggression towards other dogs, he would run up to them wagging his tail, bite them and run off. Based on Leah’s advice of distracting him when the unwanted behavior started and rewarding him for the proper response I now have a calmer trustworthy dog. Now when things get exciting when a new dog arrives he runs down the hall to his crate opens the door by himself and goes inside to sit down and wait for his reward. ARF! Chihuahuas recommends Auntie Leah to everyone!”  

ARF! ChihuahuasDunnellon, FL.

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