Your local DogSmith offers several group training options starting from puppy classes and progressing to Pet Dog "Canine Good Citizen"™ classes. If you have graduated from a beginner level dog training class and wish to develop off-leash skills focusing on distance and duration behaviors then talk to us about our Off-Leash advanced obedience classes. Want to just have fun? Enroll you and your dog in a 'Clicks 4 Trick' class or sign-up for our 'Just for Fun' Dog Agility class. These classes are perfect for you both and ensure that your dog gets some much needed mental stimulation. We even have classes for Grumpy Dogs too.

Drop In Classes

Here at The DogSmith we recognize the importance of having a well behaved dog and making your pets part of the family. But we also understand how busy our clients are so we designed the DogSmith "Drop-In" Class just for you. (Courses denoted by (*) are eligible for "Drop-In" enrollment. "Drop-In" enrollment allows you to register and pay for a course while allowing you the flexibility to complete the 8 classes over a 5 month period by attending any of a number of scheduled "drop-in" sessions that fit into your schedule. You will be given a "drop-in" class card that describes the necessary skills required for the course you have enrolled in and provides a record of competency level achieved for each skill. Check with your local DogSmith to find classes eligible for "Drop-in")