The DogSmith, a national Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Nutrition and Pet Waste Cleanup Franchise, has created a new “Drop-In” dog training curriculum to fit their customer’s busy schedules.

Washington County, Florida, February 22, 2010 – Research shows that many new dog owners delay enrolling in training, sometimes indefinitely, because of personal and business commitments scheduled sometime during the period of the desired training course.  This often results in puppies missing out on critical social interaction and basic obedience training during their crucial developmental periods.  Many families, though committed to providing the necessary early education for their puppies, lead busy lives that won’t always allow them to ‘commit’ to a standard 8 week course of puppy classes without interruption.  So The DogSmith developed a program which would be flexible enough to meet the needs of these families.  Now a new puppy owner can register for any of The DogSmith’s developmental dog training programs and simply “drop-in” on any convenient sessions until they have completed the required curriculum.

The objective, according to DogSmith founder Niki Tudge, “is to encourage people to sign up for the important  formative training programs so their dogs get the necessary training and socialization in a format that is both effective, achievable, and fits in with the busy lives many lead.”

According to Tudge, “This new program is furthering our mission to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship and the quality of the life they share.  Now our students don’t have to attend every class session consecutively to get the training they need.”  Each ‘drop-in’ student is provided with a class card that explains the required skill-set that must be mastered for the particular course and records the test result and competency of each skill.

Several of The DogSmith’s most popular and fundamental programs will be offered in the flexible “Drop-In” format including  “Teen Dog Etiquette,” for puppies 6 to 8 months old, “Pet Dog Etiquette,” for puppies older than 6 months and “DogSmith Solutions,” a comprehensive general skills and obedience course.

Tudge explains that “shelters and rescue groups are filled with dogs surrendered because of behavioral issues that can easily be prevented or solved through basic obedience training and life management skills so this is our contribution to helping ensure pets become, and stay, family.”

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About The DogSmith

The DogSmith Franchise Services Inc. is a Florida based company whose mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship, and the quality of the life they share, through providing professional support and training to pet dog owners, supporting and assisting animal shelters and rescue organizations to minimize the number of unwanted animals and offering affordable and professional care to family pets so that pet ownership is never a burden. To learn more about, or to become, a DogSmith Dog Trainer, visit or call 1-888-364-7648