lists Florida as one of the “Best states for Outdoor Dog-Friendly Restaurants” and Panama City Beach is no exception.

Panama City Beach, Florida, July 19, 2010 – Increasingly across the US, motels, hotels, restaurants, and watering holes are hanging out the “pets welcome” sign to help their bottom line and offer more options and dining choices for pet owners.  Panama City Beach, Florida, leads the pack when it comes to doggy friendly dining venues like local watering hole and restaurant Salty Sue’s. Not only does Salty Sue’s host a monthly “Yappy Hour” with a special “doggy menu” and fenced play area but proceeds benefit a local animal rescue; most recently the Animal Rescue Center (ARC) of Bay County.  The ‘Yappy Hour’ also features special events including a ‘Just for Fun’ Agility clinic presented by The DogSmith, a local dog training and pet care company.  After the ‘Yappy Hour’ you can stop by the Pier Park Outdoor Concert right down the street.

According to local DogSmith owner Catherine Zehner, “these ‘Yappy Hour’ events are a lot of fun and a great way to raise money for local non-profit animal rescue groups.  It also gives dog owners a chance to see a dog agility demonstration.”   Zehner invites everyone to come see one of her ‘Just for Fun’ Agility clinics and to bring a dog if it is well socialized and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Zehner also reminds dog owners that the fenced grassy dog play area is open for business but there is some basic doggy etiquette you should always observe when out and about with your dog.  “The most important thing is to make sure your dog is well socialized and comfortable in a variety of environments.  Also, it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure your dog will be welcome if you are going to a restaurant.  And to avoid creating a trip hazard you should always keep your dog as close to your table and chair as possible and away from other diners and restaurant staff.  But don’t tie your dog to a table.  You can imagine the mess if your dog decides to take a walk.  This is where reliable obedience pays off.  Finally, be prepared with your own dish and water bowel so your dog can enjoy their meal with you.”

To find your next furry family member or to donate to Animal Rescue Center of Bay County visit ARC.

For a free guide to puppy socialization or to enroll in a free puppy class go to

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