I can still remember the first time I left a clients house feeling I had saved a dogs life. As I drove slowly away my emotions moved from tears to joy. The owners had become desperate, were stressed, losing sleep and fighting options and decisions they felt they needed to make. They had a dog that was considered aggressive and they recognized the social liability of this. They had tried many dog trainers who had offered anecdotal advice and punishing options that had worsened the dog’s behavior.

The dog they had once loved had become a chore a daily battle and a liability. Very quickly we established what needed to be done, they offered as much commitment and compliance as necessary and I offered then hope. Things worked out well and the relationship improved. The behavior change program showed immediate results that motivated them onwards. A dog’s life was saved.

This is an extreme situation but not an unusual one. There is nothing more joyful and rewarding for a Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant than knowing you can quickly impact the life of a dog by providing tools and techniques that owners can use to change their dogs unwanted behavior.

The tools and techniques that are most effective should strengthen the relationship bond between you and your dog.  Training should be fun and help create  happy emotions for all parties. The goal is always to reduce the animal shelter population, keep dogs in their homes enjoying a quality of life that impacts the quality of life an owner should experience. Dog ownership is very rewarding and it needs to be a win-win situation for both the dog and the owner

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