If you are a professional credentialed Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant or Pet Care Professional looking for effective, easy ways to expand your business or if you are you an industry “newbie” who is passionate about animals, wanting to work for yourself helping people and pets using strictly humane methods, who is honest, ethical and prepared to put in the work it takes to succeed then we need to talk.

If you are already an industry professional, then joining The DogSmith includes a small enrollment fee. This covers your transition and set-up costs of becoming a DogSmith as well as access to all DogSmith intellectual property, trademarks, services, systems and programs. After you join the DogSmith there is a small monthly fee that covers the ongoing resources we provide. No surprises or hidden costs.  Your monthly fees will be confirmed to you along with your initial set-up fee during our preliminary discussions.

If you are an industry “Newbie” then your enrollment fee will include the cost of your DogNostics Dog Trainer Certification to help get you on the road to becoming a qualified, certified professional.

Let’s Get Started.  Schedule your no-obligation informal chat with Niki Tudge DogSmith Founder and President.  We want to ensure the DogSmith is a good fit for you.

If you are ‘DogSmith’ eligible then click the link here and schedule a telephone call with Niki.

Take some time to learn more and ask questions so you can make an informed decision. No obligation, no pressure, just an informal fun Q&A session. Let’s see how we can be great together.

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