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The APDT’s annual campaign to promote the benefits of positive training and socialization continues in January 2011 with contests to engage the dog-owning public and dog trainers.

Washington County FL, January 4, 2011 - The APDT has designated the month of January as National Train Your Dog Month to bring awareness to the importance of socialization and training, and most of all, to inform the public that training a dog can be simple and fun.  The APDT selected January as the perfect month because so many dogs and puppies are adopted and brought home during the winter holidays.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs are turned into animal shelters each year because their owners did not know how to deal with behavior problems and could not find a reliable resource to help them.  Aligned with this philosophy, the mission of The DogSmith National Dog Training and Pet Care Company is to help new pet dog owners start the New Year with their newest family member in the best way possible.

Niki Tudge, The DogSmith founder, says, “We support the APDT in the hope that dog owners, shelters, and other pet professionals will visit the event website (, so they can learn more about how easy and fun training can be.”

The DogSmith offers new pet dog owners and shelters their ‘Canine Rescue Resources Program’ (CRRP).  The CRRP program includes monthly puppy socialization programs, dog training podcasts and telephone consultations, all at no cost.

Tudge says “The DogSmith Canine Rescue Resource Program is a two tiered approach which provides support, education and assistance to animal rescue groups and offers educational seminars and discounted training services to animal adopters in addition to our free services.  We believe by doing this we help increase the adoptability of dogs and cats from a shelter environment, help reduce the number of animals that are returned back to the rescue organization and help prevent animals being surrendered in the first place.”

The APDT believe that a better understanding of dog behavior can lead to happier, healthier and harmonious households for humans and canines.

About The DogSmith

The DogSmith Franchise Services Inc. is a Florida based company whose mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship, and the quality of the life they share, through providing professional support and training to pet dog owners, supporting and assisting animal shelters and rescue organizations to minimize the number of unwanted animals and offering affordable and professional care to family pets so that pet ownership is never a burden. To learn more about the DogSmith or become a DogSmith Dog Trainer, visit or call 1-888-364-7648.

About The APDT

The APDT has promoted education for dog trainers.  With more than 5,000 members who are willing and able to assist dog owners, the APDT is the largest professional organization for dog trainers in the world.