Why Private, One-on-One Dog Training Services Might Be Right for You

There is a place in every dog’s education for different types of training.  From group classes where socialization is key to private one-on-one sessions when you are looking for a little more individual focus and attention.  You benefit greatly with a DogSmith private training program including:

  1. Private training can help you and your pet sharpen skills with individual focus and attention
  2. Both you and your dog will get a confidence boost with the individual attention from your DogSmith
  3. Private training will let you focus on your individual performance and help perfect your and your dog’s individual skills. If you are really strong in some aspects but need more work in others then you’re in control and can direct your sessions accordingly
  4. With one-on-one training, based on your input, you and your dog can cover skills in as much or as little detail as you need or want
  5. Working directly with your instructor you will enjoy greater accountability for your practice
  6. Since you are in control of your session you can pursue skills that interest you and your dog
  7. Your session can be personalized based on your dog’s learning style, speed and interest
  8. Private sessions with your DogSmith move at your speed and your dog’s speed. Not too slow or too fast because of other students in a group session
  9. Flexibility. Private sessions are arranged based on your schedule
  10. You and your dog get your DogSmith’s full attention, more time to talk, review mechanics and discuss concepts
  11. Your DogSmith will give you and your dog more immediate, more specific feedback
  12. DogSmith Private training often improves your dog’s ability to learn thus benefiting long-term learning

Sharpens Your Dog’s Skills and Boost Their Confidence Through One-On-One Attention

No bones about it, your dog has unique training needs.  All dogs do. With the DogSmith you will receive the dog training programs developed and customized around the needs of  your dog. The DogSmith has you covered with a selection of private training options you can schedule by the hour or enjoy the additional benefits of enrolling into a package program.

Your local DogSmith can plan your training sessions in your home or ours.  When you are too busy then you can leave the training to us by selecting our ‘Latch-Key’ or ‘Training Retreat’ packages. We can always provide the dog training you need, whenever you need it!

It works! Our relationship with our dog has changed so much. Isla (our lab mix) is genially happy, she listens and wants to be around us. We communicate a lot better with her and she has a great understand of what is right and wrong. Isla has excellent leash manners, no more pulling and running amuck. We are very happy with the results and would recommend this to any new dog owner. Rebekah is awesome and really listens to what you want out of training.

-JamieOxford, MS

FREE Consultation


Call today to chat with your DogSmith about your current concerns and what you would like to achieve with your dog. Together we can plan your goals, so they are realistic and attainable and address your most pressing issues. Your DogSmith will partner with you so you get the results you need for you and your family.

We had 2 Canaan dogs (1 female [Kamali] and 1 male [Matey], 8 and 9 respectively) that essentially grew up together (1 litter apart)…..and we thought the idea of introducing a 3rd dog (4 yo femail Kali) into the mix would be easy. And for the most part it was. we put them on neutral ground. they got acquainted……no aggression issues.
But within a few days we had obvious problems. For no apparent reason Kamali was hiding in the closet and within a day we had witnessed Kali biting onto the backside of both dogs. Not good.
We couldn’t see any signs of what was causing this. We were perplexed.
We reached out to DogSmith and they gave us direction. Now, we were 5 states away, but they gave us guidance and a plan. And now, 2.5 months later we have a different, happy pack. No incidents and they are able to share space under supervision. We worked with the dogs everyday on being calm around each other in close interactions, when people arrive, and in close spaces.
We got results but it took work, and frankly without some direction, I don’t know if all the time we spent would have been effective, but DogSmiths gave us what we needed. And together we all have a better, happier pack (including us people)!!!

- Mike

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