We get it.  You want a happy, healthy, well-mannered pet dog who lives comfortably and safely in your home as a beloved member of your family. And wouldn’t it be great if your dog is the envy of your friends and neighbors when they see your well-behaved fur-kid out and about with you.  But you also need a training program that fits your very busy schedule and of course is affordable!

We understand your challenges. Your pet is a wonderful addition to your family, a source of unconditional love, loyalty and devotion. They comfort us, entertain us, improve our health - and ask little in return.

The only hiccup in our almost perfect relationship is we don’t speak the same language.

This obviously can lead to misunderstandings of what you want and what they need.

The DogSmith is here to help you solve that problem

DogSmith Group Training has everything you need to establish, strengthen and perfect the bond you share with your pet.

From proper socialization to essential skill development. In your DogSmith group training class you and your four-legged buddy will meet new friends, develop necessary social skills, master human-dog communications and create an unbreakable bond.

And if you’re thinking that you won’t be able to fit a DogSmith training session into your busy schedule we have that covered too. Check-out DogSmith’s incredibly popular ‘Drop-In’ classes which feature open enrollment with flexible schedules convenient for you where you can work with your DogSmith on the skills you and your pet want to master.

How does DogSmith’s Drop-In class work?

Unlike other group classes, DogSmith Drop-In classes are designed to fit your busy schedule. Instead of you having to alter your schedule to fit a rigid program schedule, with your DogSmith Drop-In classes you simply subscribe to the Drop-In program that suits you best then drop-in to the classes that are most convenient for you.At each class you will work with your DogSmith on the skills and at the skill level appropriate for you and your dog. Your DogSmith will track your progress so there is no wasted time getting back up to speed between sessions. You will simply pickup where your last session + homework left off. This allows you and your pet to progress at a rate that assures your success.

Your DogSmith Provides You With a Comprehensive Choice of Training Programs That Grow With Your Dog

From Open Puppy Class and Teen Dog Etiquette class to the more advanced Pet Dog
Ambassador program and Canine Good Citizen course your DogSmith is with you through every stage of your dog’s life.
If you are looking to master a specific skill such as “come” or “walk nicely,” then you can choose a 6-week specialty class full of fun and games to help you reach your goals. Your training classes will be fun for both you and your dog!
You will enjoy loads of benefits with Group Training

  • Your pets get the critical socialization they need as a sturdy foundation to their ongoing development.
  • Your pet will develop new and valuable essential skills
  • Biggest bang for your $$ - Incredibly Affordable
  • You and your pet will make new (often lifetime) friends.
  • Training is the best bonding experience you and your pet can share. Learning with a group is just FUN!
  • DogSmith programs are flexible, perfect for your busy schedule. Open enrollment just drop in and work with your training consultant DogSmith on the skills you want your pet to master


We’ve got the options you need to make training your dog fast, fun, easy, effective and affordable.

Brand New Group Class Option!

Your DogSmith
Group Walk & Train

We all need more exercise and time outdoors and so do our dogs.

Come and join a DogSmith Group Walk & Train as we walk, learn, sniff and have fun together!

Let me be your guide along with a small group of other pet dog owners with their four-legged furry family members from your neighborhood as we take a relaxing ramble around town, through your local park or on a brisk hike.

While we all get some much-needed fresh air and exercise, our dogs will enjoy a leg stretch, some enrichment and an opportunity to pick up and deliver some pee-mail. Jokes aside, walks should be enriching rambles with lots of time to sniff, take in and enjoy the environment and just be a dog.  But while we are rambling, we will be incorporating some basic pet manners and skill training into the session.

Click here to see if we have any open Classes now.

Please note - these walks are great for dogs that are comfortable out and about with other people and in close proximity to other dogs. If you are not sure, please contact me so we can discuss other fun options.

Chris and I would like to thank you again for helping to shape Tripp into the wonderful dog that he is. I cannot express enough gratitude to you.

It is a great feeling to know that our dog will come when called, will sit or lay down upon command and stay in that position even if a dog, a human, or even a whole group of runners in a marathon pass him. It is absolutely crazy to think that he finished his puppy training with you just a year ago.

It’s wonderful to have friends over and know he will not tackle them as they come through the door. We are constantly getting compliments on how well behaved and how well trained our very energetic dog is. And with each compliment we get, we respond with “He had an absolutely amazing trainer, who he started private lessons with just after we got him. Without a doubt we would not have gotten these kind of results if we had gone to just any dog trainer, or your run of the mill puppy classes at the local pet store.
Thank you Rachel, (my local DogSmith) you truly are fantastic at what you do!

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