Who Wants a More Relaxed, 
Happier and Healthier Dog?

Introducing a major breakthrough in caring for your pet dog

We know how busy you are with work and family. With everything you have going on every day it can be tough to give your four-legged
family members the attention and exercise they need. But to live a more fulfilled life your dog also needs lots of environmental enrichment that helps satisfy both their physical and psychological needs. Tough to fit in to your already full schedule. But we can help you solve this with our newest program.


DogSmith virtual training

Affordable and Flexible!

DogVentures is incredibly affordable and flexible to fit your schedule and budget. All sessions are at your convenience. DogVentures provides your fur-kid far greater enrichment than a simple ‘play session’ or a ‘dog walk’. Warning - DogVentures sessions may completely ‘tire out’ your dog. In a very real sense, DogVentures provides your pet with the very things they need to be “naturally” happy and healthy.

DogVentures is our scientifically based enrichment system that helps you promote, improve and maintain your pet’s physical and mental health and well-being. Pets that have good mental health will engage with their environment more, be more confident, more peaceful, less fearful and more exploratory and at ease with their surroundings. Happy dog = happy home!

Applying your custom DogVentures program we will assess, design, implement and guide you through a carefully crafted action plan of activities that provide your pet dog(s) with a variety of social, mental, physical, sensory and food exercises in the form of ‘puzzles’ and challenges. These puzzles and challenges are the most effective way to encourage your pet‘s natural behaviors.

Couldn’t recommend this enough!!

Attending DogVentures at The DogSmith is one of the best things we could have done for our 7 months old American Stafford Loíe. The socialization outings helped her make positive associations with her environment and because of that she’s growing into a really confident and social dog.
The training sessions help us communicate better with Loíe, which makes a happy dog and happy owners!
We initially planned on attending training and socialization classes for six weeks, but after seeing the changes in Loíe and how much we keep learning with every session we are more than happy to continue!
Every session is something different, from working on impulse control and confidence with the surface circus, to playing scent games and different training games for building new skills. Anything that comes up during the training sessions will be addressed, nothing is too much. Couldn’t recommend this enough!!
Sophie van Oostenbrugge
Nueva Andalucía, Málaga (March 2021)

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