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Everything we do as a Company impacts what people think of us. From what takes place inside our corporation, to advertising collateral, how we answer our phones, and what is seen and delivered as customer service. Everything from a simple card to a full-blown marketing campaign and our customer greeting - it is all a reflection on The DogSmith brand.   So every action, every contact we have with our customers should contribute to our brand and what we stand for.  Professional Brand Standards, consistently applied, are what set the great companies apart from the not so great companies.  Branding is what turns mere services, products and commoditiesDogSmith Definition-01 into something consumers value and are willing to pay for.  Our brand creates strong ties with our customers and potential customers to ensure our message is heard above all of the other ‘messages’ in the marketplace.

Establishing and maintaining brand standards contributes greatly to the value of our company as a whole and your individual Business.  Properly and consistently using The DogSmith brand in accordance with company standards contributes to the value and worth of each of our businesses.  Every time brand standards are properly and consistently used is an investment in the value of your business.  Our growth depends on effective branding.  A ‘brand’ will be created whether we try or not.  But if we don’t control our brand we will end up with a weak, inconsistent image of little value.  So the key is to control the brand to create the message we want. So every aspect of branding (marketing, advertising, deliverable, services, uniforms etc.) must be consistent to create a brand that is valuable, memorable and identifiable.

Important Documents

  1.  You can find our complete brand standard manual here.
  2.  If you click here  BARKS Manual February 2014 will find the DogSmith BARKS manual. This manual helps you work through setting up your business structure
  3. Many of our shared documents are kept on Dropbox and you can access the folders here