Sales & Marketing Tools

DogSmith Sales & Marketing Manuals & Tool

Before you begin to complete your Marketing Action Plan be sure to do the following

  • Watch the Marketing webinars
  • Read the Marketing documents
  • Complete your Marketing Action Plan

Marketing Webinars

 Marketing Documents

Please check your Dropbox folder for these documents. Titled Annual Planning

  1. Marketing Ideas & Options This is a PDF showing lots of ideas to help you build your marketing plan
  2. The DogSmith MARKETING Manual
  3.  The key DogSmith marketing plan
  4. Websites To List Your DogSmith Business On This is an updated list of websites you can list your business on. 
  5. Marketing Plan Template

Veterinary Pack

Click here to access the Dropbox Folder

General Supportive  Documents

  1. The DogSmith Elevator Speech Learn a short elevator speech about The DogSmith
  2. DogSmith Email Signature Template The template of your DogSmith email signature
  3. Happy Birthday Card & New Client Card Text
  4. Vehicle Lettering Brand Standard  Please refer to the Brand Standards Manual
  5. How to Plan & Execute a Pet Event
  6. DogSmith News Release Template
  7. Friends & Family Letter

  Online Advertising Text

  1. Online AD Free Puppy Training with Graphic
  2. Online General Ad

 Marketing Graphics & Print Ads

In this drop box folder you will find an extensive collection of marketing and sales tools