Purchasing Support

Companies With Discounts For DogSmiths


1. Jeffers Pet Wholesale Discounts

Our customer account # is 1706864, for phone or faxed orders.  The discount varies from item to item, there is no set percentage off. Vaccines do not have a margin for a discount. You can order as much or as little as you would like.

To log onto the Wholesale Website www.jefferspet.com go to the top of the page to My Account  then key in the email address rickingram@dogsmith.com  and the password JeffersDogSmith2015.

Obviously don't save any credit card details on the shared account and double check the "ship to" address in case a previous

DogSmith's details have been retained. To make sure you are seeing wholesale pricing after you log in, for example, type in the search box at the top, OH-C2, the price should be $20.41 retail is $24.31. If you see a gray price with a line through it that’s the retail price, the price in black above it is the discount price.  Not every item has a margin for a discount but a lot of our items do. If you have any questions please let me know.