PCT Certification

PCT Certification

Group of PetsTo ensure our internal reality meets and exceeds are external marketing message it is imperative that all DogSmith  Pet Care Technicians are trained. They must all be Pet First Aid Certified and have been instructed in DogSmith standard service delivery (as per our DogSmith training video found under pet care in your Knowledge-base)  As the business owner you have to  ensure that employees and contractors have all the necessary training so they can carry out the DogSmith services according to the DogSmith Brand Standards.

At The DogSmith we also recognize that as a business owner if you want to expand and grow your business you need to develop new employees and then train them.  This we recognize is much easier said than done! So to meet the needs of your business we have created a selection of training resources to help you provide your technicians with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience.

DogSmiths Three Options & Pricing

  1. A Pet First Aid Certification Program Click here 
  2. Certified Pet Care Technician Level 1. Click here
  3. Certified Pet Care Technician Level 2  Click here

How To Register.

  1. Have your contractor or employee sign up and then you can refund them for the cost
  2. or you can email us with their first name, last name and email address and we can add them and send you the invoice. 


Regardless of who signs up please use the correct code to get the discount. We cannot refund discounts after the fact. Use  the code DOGSMITH to obtain a 50% discount of the courses above