The DogSmith Brand

The DogSmith Brand

DogSmith Logo High Res PNGThe DogSmith is a local, loving, approachable, trustworthy, fun, friendly and effective professional pet dog training and pet care company. The DogSmith is a company that customers entrust the care and well-being of their pet family members, and their homes.  The brand is measured by what people know about us and feel about us. Much more than a logo, our brand is our image . . . it's our reputation . . . and it must be managed with great care.

As we are a service company our brand also incorporates minimum brand standards that govern how each individual DogSmith operates and the level of customer service we offer. The DogSmith brand standards also incorporate our key training philosophy, the methods we use for training and the scientific way we approach behavior change programs.

Measurement and Audit of DogSmith Brand Standards

Federal Trademark Brand Standards will be audited by DogSmith Business Services at least once per year formally and in an ongoing manner during the course of your business operations

 Trademark License Use

The DogSmith Business Owner as a Company Leader


  • As a DogSmith company leader it is important to communicate effectively and professionally to your DogSmith employees and contractors.
  • Listen to associate concerns and respond in accordance with our mission, vision & values and our employee handbook.
  • Give and accept constructive and positive feedback or information in a logical and non-judgmental manner.
  • Support employees by ensuring you communicate to them pertinent information so they can do their jobs to the correct standards.
  •  Support employees by maintaining an open door policy.  Remember we deliver quality to our customers through quality employees and vendor interactions.


  • Train all employees using DogSmith approved training methods and Train-Test-Train to ensure they are competent.
  • Support employees and contractors through the communication of company policies and brand standards.
  • Train and certify new hire employees and re-certify all employees and contractors annually using company approved manuals and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Document all training with a copy in the employee’s files.
  • Continuously develop your own management skills and knowledge so you can increase the capabilities of your team and your .


  • Lead by example; exemplify our brand standards mission, vision and values.
  • Be the custodian and keeper of DogSmith brand standards and communicate to employees and contractors the importance of our brand standards.
  • Be a light in boosting morale and motivating employees.  Encourage and support team spirit.
  • Ensure employees have the proper tools, equipment and training to perform their job in a safe and effective manner. 

Recruitment & Retention

  • Recruit the highest quality and caliber of employees and contractors available.
  • Follow company guidelines in terms of interviewing, reference checks and employment processes.
  •  Retain employees by creating a fair and empowering work place.
  • Value employees and the unique talents and knowledge they each bring to the workplace.
  • Coach, correct and counsel employees in a productive and fair manner.
  • Hold 90 day employment reviews and 12 month annual reviews with employees so they are aware of their strengths and relevant development needs.