Financial Tools & Training

Financial Forms & Documents

  1. DogSmith Pricing Worksheet
  2. DogSmith QB Chart of Accounts and Service Items - Contact Rick Ingram
  3. Basic Book Keeping Training Manual
  4. Forecast Worksheet
  5. Sample DogSmith Invoice
  6. Request the Quick Books DES file (invoice template) from Rick Ingram
  7. DogSmith Price Tariff for Welcome Packs
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint - Financial Statements PDF
  9. Microsoft PowerPoint - DogSmith Setting up Quick Books

Financial Training Videos

  1. DogSmith Financial Statements Click here
  2. DogSmith Setting Up Your Quick Books Click here
  3. Business Development Click Here
  4. A comprehensive look at Book Keeping Click here

 Quick Books Tutorials

  1. QB Tutorial part One click here
  2. QB Tutorial part Two click here
  3. QB Tutorial part three click here
  4. QB Bank reconciliation part one click here
  5. QB Bank reconciliation part two click here