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Questions that fall outside key topics 

When we are asked questions that relate to everyone we will add them here. 

The answers are in short podcast files.  

  1. What is PAL and how does it work - click here 
  2. Canine Rescue Resources Program click here 
  3. Your own DogSmith URL and Email. Such as Owning click here
  4. Can i edit or change  DogSmith art and/or how can i get my logo on DogSmith Graphics and Art click here 
  5. What collateral should  i buy for marketing click here
  6. How do i and what restrictions are there to adding testimonials to my DogSmith site click here
  7. Why do we not put all our prices onto our pricing pages click here 
  8. How best to describe what you do. Be prepared for when clients ask you click here
  9. How to quickly and politely convert a telephone inquiry into an appointment click here