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Shock Collars/Remote Training

Is it really just a tap? Shock collar training explained (Eileen Anderson)
Shock collar training video analysis (Eileen Anderson)
Shock collar training vs. force free video analysis (Eileen Anderson)
Training your dog with a shock collar: How will you decide? (Eileen Anderson)
Shock collars - the ugly truth (Valerie Barry)
Electric collar training reviewed (Connie Borwick)
Top 5 reasons to use a shock collar on your dog (Eric Brad)
Vets on behavior proclaim, never use shock collar (Steve Dale)
Research study on the effect of shock on dogs (Dept. Animal Welfare & Behavior, Veterinary School of Hannover Germany)
Shock talk: Patricia McConnell weighs in on the shock and awe campaign of dog collar manufacturers (Emily Douglas)
A dog's perspectives on shock collars speaks volumes (Adrienne Janet Farricelli)
To shock or not to shock - that is NOT the question (Deborah Flick)
Expert dog trainer Robert Milner says heck no to shock collars (Irwin Greenstein)
Why are we still putting shock collars on dogs? (Anna Jane Grossman)
How humans and dogs can learn - and suffer - from the use of negative reinforcement (Anna Jane Grossman)
Training with shock collars - why you should just say "no" (Beverly Hebert)
Fear and anger are shocking enough!(Debbie Jacobs)
Why consider the use of shock collars carefully (Joyce Kesling)
On shocking our dogs (Trish King)
Bark collars - just another "quick fix" (Jonathan P. Klein)
Shock collars for dogs? They don't work, and here's why (Casey Lomonaco)
Why shock collars do not work (Casey Lomonaco)
Electric collars that shock dogs into obedience are banned in Wales (Fiona Macrae)
Goodbye Premier (Elizabeth Mattei-Miller)
Simply wrong (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
High court backs ban on shock collars in Wales (News Wales)
Anti-bark collars increase barking (Jules Nye)
Shock collars (Dr. Karen Overall)
Considerations for shock and "training" collars (Dr. Karen Overall)
Who should you trust to train your dog? (Tasneen Paghdiwala talks about shock trainer Ami Moore)
Position statement on the use of shock in animal training (Pet Professional Guild)
Electric collars - no thanks (Positive Police Dogs)
Training dogs with help of the shock collar: short and long term behavioural effects (Matthijs B.H. Schilder & Joanne A.M. van der Borg)
Remember invisible fences and remote training collars are electric (Smiley DogLost USA)
To shock or not to shock: there is no question (Jeannette Smith)
Exploring the human-companion animal bond (Jeannette Smith)
Zap vs. tap - a rose is a rose is a rose (Anne Springer)
The problem with shock (Angelica Steinker)
Training dogs with the help of shock collars: short and long term behavioral effects (University of Utrecht)
No shocks, please (Vera Wilkinson)
Are electronic shock collars painful or just annoying to dogs? (Dr. Sophia Yin)

Shock Collars/Invisible Fences

Why I really hate electronic shock (invisible) fencing (Pam Dennison)
Invisible fencing doesn't protect dogs (Gail Fisher)
Sophie's story: dog killed by shock fence (Leslie Grabowski)
Invisible fences - not a recommended solution (Christine Hibbard)
The visible dangers of invisible fencing (Kim MacMillan)
Simply shocking (Pat Miller)
The ethics of shock collar containment fences (Dr. Sarah Milsopp)
Victoria Stilwell: Say "no" to electronic fencing (Diane Podolsky)
Can aggression in dogs be elicited by the use of electronic containment systems? (Richard Polsky)
Photo of damage from electric fence collar (facebook)

Youtube video of girl experiencing invisible fence correction when holding collar
Dog injured by bark collar in kennel
Teenaged boy tries bark collar
How to beat pain (researchers use shock collars on low settings to simulate arthritic pain)
Human "trained" by electric shock collar (The Kennel Club)
Dog vs. electric fence
Stop shock collar use: No Shock Collar Coalition (Facebook Cause)
Petition to ban shock collars in Canada

Other "Training" Collars

Training your dog with a prong collar (or shock collar, shake can, alpha roll) is not positive (Joanne Brokaw)
How to fit and use choke chains in dog training (Nando Brown and Jean Donaldson)
Reflections on prong collars (Ines Gaschot)
The issue with choke chains (Claire Grobbelaar)
One "jerk" can cause a lot of damage (Dr. Peter Tobias)
Choke, prong and shock collars can irreversibly damage your dog (Dr. Peter Tobias)
Misuse of choke chains (Des Hawgood)
Say no to choke chains! (Pamela Johnson)
The hunt for the elusive prong collar-loving dog (Casey Lomonaco)
Collars are for dog tags, not torture (Deb Monroe)
Rein in the use of choke/shock collars (Sharon L. Peters)
The dangers of Illusion, pinch, choke and prong collars (David Reineker)
How to use a prong collar (Sara Reusche)
Dog training tools and how to use them (Leah Roberts)
Dog training in a fast-food society (Leah Roberts)
Naked dog training (Leah Roberts)
Choke and prong collars: health concerns call for equipment change in dog training (Angelica Steinker and Niki Tudge)
Low risk vs. high risk dog training (John Visconti)
Still using choke chains on your dog? (Unknown)
Pictures of damage done by prong collars (facebook page)



Ask why? Say NO! (COAPE Association of Pet Behaviorists and Trainer and Centre of Applied Pet Ethology)
Dog training's latest buzzword: Balance (Eric Brad)
If dogs think and feel, do aversive methods cause harm? (Joanne Brokaw)
I had to (Suzanne Clothier)
The science of carrots and sticks (Mia Cobb)
The true killer - ill informed "professionals" lacking critical thinking skills and scientific reasoning (Maria DeLeon)
Dog aggression may be caused by owners, new study finds (Sheila Dichoso)
Talk softly and carry a carrot or a big stick? (Jean Donaldson)
The weasel files, part 2 (Jean Donaldson)
The continuum generator (Jean Donaldson)
"Hey, have you heard the one about climate change and dog training?" (Emily Douglas)
Dog training: the trouble with punishment (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
What's wrong with this picture? Effectiveness is not enough (Susan G. Friedman)
The possibilities in dog training (Susan Garrett)
Dog psychology: the effect of adverse training methods (Diane Garrod)
Dangers of aversive training methods (Diane Garrod)
Cassi's way - how training is killing our dogs (Erica Garven)
Confrontational behavior modification techniques and the risk to owners (James Ha)
Problem pooper? Put his nose in it (Lisa Hartman)
Traditional trainers almost killed my client's tiny Pekingese (Russell Hartstein)
Survey of the use and outcome of confrontational and non-confrontational training methods (Meghan Herron, Frances Shofer, Ilana Reisner)
Do you have any business punishing a dog? (Debbie Jacobs)
My name is Deb and I'm an "unbalanced" trainer (Deb Jones)
Dangers of alpha rolling (Greta Kaplan)
When punishment goes wrong (Casey Lomonaco)
If all your friends' dogs jumped off a bridge... (Casey Lomonaco)
A surprising look at balanced training (Laurie Luck)
Confrontational techniques elicit aggression (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
Another potentially dangerous dog trainer (Drayton Michaels)
Click or jerk? Let the dog decide (Pat Miller)
The effects of combining positive and negative reinforcement during training (Nicole A. Murray)
The "balanced" dog is mentally unstable (Jules Nye)
Victoria Stilwell: "Run away from forceful training" (Diane Podolsky)
Should I alpha roll my dog? (Positive Police Dogs)
The poisoned cue: Why clicking and correction don't mix (Karen Pryor)
Thank your dog for growling (Leah Roberts)
Proper (and improper) handling of young puppies (Leah Roberts)
Can dog training cause aggression? (Eleanor Scheidemann)
If you're aggressive, your dog will be too (Science Daily)
Effecting change - money makes the world go 'round (Anne Springer)
Dinosaurs and dog training (Anne Springer)
Spare the rod and train the dog, punishment and its fallout (Niki Tudge)
Coercion in pet dog training leads dogs to a "life of quiet desperation" (Niki Tudge)
Warning! Positive training may harm your dog (Yvette Van Veen)
Blindzilla: How aversive training methods can impact your dog (John Visconti)
Difficult, "aggressive" dogs need strong training. Really? (John Visconti)
Is it really cruel to perform an alpha roll on your dog? (Pete Wedderburn)
Some dogs need a heavier hand? (Nicole Wilde)
Popular "alpha dog" training techniques can cause more harm than good (Dr. Sophia Yin)



Do unto others: intimidation in dog training (Aleksandra)
Position statement on the use of Dominance Theory in behavior modification of animals (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior)
Dominance and dog training (Association of Pet Dog Trainers)
The myth of the alpha dog part 2 (Dr. Becker)
The myth of alpha dogs (Eric Brad)
Blunt force trauma: canine reality (Eric Brad)
What to do if you think your dog is "dominant" (Eric Brad)
Dominance in domestic dogs - useful construct or bad habit? (John W.S. Bradshaw, Emily J. Blackwell, Rachel A. Casey)
Dogma of dominance (Prescott Breeden)
Debunking the dominance myth (Carmen Buitrago)
Dominance... again (Cave_Canem)
That darned dominance debate (Suzanne Clothier)
Canine dominance: is the concept of the alpha dog valid? (Dr. Stanley Coren)
Why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong (Lisa Davis)
Debunking the dominance myth in dog training (DogSmith)
If not dominance, how do we explain the development of social behavior? (Dog Welfare Campaign)
Are dogs pack animals? (Jean Donaldson)
Let's just be humans training dogs (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
Misconceptions of the mythical alpha dog (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
Leader of the pack (Eileen and Dogs)
Dogs do it, so shouldn't we? (Susan Garrett)
Dominance is not leadership (Eric Goebelbecker)
Is dominance in dogs a popular myth or a reality? (Pat Gray)
Position on the use of dominance and punishment for the training and behavior modification of dogs (Don Hanson)
Why dominance won't die (Debbie Jacobs)
Dominant dog theory will soon be but a whisper (Sally Jones)
Why dog trainers will have to change their ways (Kate Kellaway)
Veterinary behaviorists question dominance theory in dogs (Timothy Kirn)
How we came to misunderstand dogs (Kerry Lauerman)
Dog training and the myth of alpha male dominance (Jennie Lee-St. John)
The concept formerly described as "dominance" (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
The "d word" and social relationships in dogs (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
Dominance mythologies, Suzanne Hetts (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
Down with dominance (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
Whatever happened to the term alpha wolf? (L. David Mech)
De-bunking the "alpha dog" theory (Pat Miller)
A question of dominance: the vending machine (Kevin Myers)
Wolf pack/dominance myth (Joan Orr)
Dumbed down by dominance (Dr. Karen Overall)
Position statement on the use of dominance theory in animal training (Pet Professional Guild)
Why won't dominance die? (David Ryan)
Why do some people reject science? (Anne Springer)
Using "dominance" to explain behavior is old hat (University of Bristol)
Nature's template for dog training... something to chew on (Yvette Van Veen)
Predominant falsification in dominance dog training theories (Charlotte Wagner)
Alpha roll or alpha role? (Nicole Wilde)
Comments on alpha dominance theory (Whole Dog Journal)
Debunking the alpha dog theory (Whole Dog Journal)
The dominance controversy (Dr. Sophia Yin)
Alpha rolls okay? (Dr. Sophia Yin)