DogSmith Graphics

DogSmith Graphics

DogSmith RackCard2_Walking Sittin Cat Care (2)Over the years the DogSmith has developed a set of professionally designed art that is graphically appealing but also written using specific marketing formulas and sales copy. These pieces are available in your DogSmith team drop box folder.  If you would like to personalise one of these pieces of art with your own individual DogSmith logo and contact details, then please complete this short form. Before you start the form process be sure to have access to the piece of art you would like changed. You will need to upload the art to the form so we know specifically which piece you are referring too.  Click here for the form . To look at all the art available to you, please go to the DogSmith Dropbox folder. You can  click here  to access it.  

 You will be issued a Drop Box Folder of your own with your own DogSmith logos in it when you first join The DogSmith

New Piece of Art

If you want a new piece of DogSmith art there are a couple of ways you can do this


  1.  You can design your own or work with a local designer. The only approval you need is for us to check that the DogSmith  logo is being used in agreement with the Trademark and  licencing agreement. 
  2. You can also ask us to design it for you. The hourly rate for graphic design is ONLY $35.00 for DogSmiths.  If you would like us to design the piece for you then please click here and complete part two of this form.