Canine Slumber Party

Welcome Canine Slumber Party Host.

Canine Slumber Party 1The goal with our Canine Slumber Party is to compete with Dogvacay. The DogSmith rolled out its Canine Slumber Party before DogVacay, however the DogVacay model shows that there is a strong demand for this type of service. The DogSmith Canine Slumber party services is very different. Our Slumber Party hosts are certified Pet Care Technicians. They are trained on procedures and protocols and canine communication. They are also supervised by a business owner that has an invested interest in each and every stay and the safety of each and every pet

As a DogSmtih offering Canine Slumber Parties the goal is to develop a network of hosts who can offer this service for you.

Hosts need to meet the following criteria

  1. Be certified Pet Care Technicians
  2. Have successfully had their home inspected for host suitability. Slumber Party Host Home Inspection
  3. Have signed the DogSmith contractor agreement and DogSmith non compete contract.