Canine Communication

 The DogSmith Canine Communication Training

Understanding canine communication is mission critical for any pet care provider. The following videos are components of DogNostics Career College module # 302 Canine Communication & Social Behavior presented by Angelica Steinker

The training manual to support these videos can be found here

 This is a series of three x 1 hour webinars

  1. Webinar One
  2. Webinar Two
  3. Webinar Three

Part Three Supplemental Videos

Video 1: Consent Test NO – Dog and human

Video 2: Consent Test YES – Dog and human

Video 3: Consent Test NO – Dog and Human

Video 4: Consent Test with Two Dogs

Video 5: Consent Test Conflicted

Video 6: Human to Dog Emotional Contagion Happy Pant

Video 7: Picture Communication Connor wants water

Video 8: Connor wants a treat