Behavior Consultations

The Behavior Consultation Process

Behavior-Consultation-Form-300x239The DogSmith behavior consultations are performed in a way that ensures we have all of the relevant information to properly assess the case in question. The DogSmith app  works in conjunction with the forms and training below


  1. An online behavior consulting form is completed
  2. A Functional Assessment appointment is set.
  3. The Functional Assessment is completed
  4. Homework is emailed to the client from the first session
  5. A Behavior Change Plan is developed by The DogSmith
  6. Lessons are scheduled to work through the plan

Homework is always assigned to the client during the actual appointment. The DogSmith runs through the homework so the client understands what is expected, how they will achieve it and how they will know if they are getting the correct outcome.

behavior2The DogSmith proprietary software is used to reconcile, collect and review important client information.

All of these processes can now be done from the DogSmith website.

Behavior Training Videos

1. Conducting a Functional Assessment and developing a behavior change program.  Click here 

3. Conducting Private One-on-One client sessions. This needs a registration to the event through DogNostics. Module # 311

Teaching Others to Train. This needs a registration to the event through DogNostics. Module # 312

Manual Forms

  1. ABC forms
  2. FA Interview form
  3. Direct Observation Form
  4. Conducting A DogSmith Consultation - The Road Map Final

 Professional Articles & Client Handouts


  1. Dr Karen O Protocol for Deference
  2. Dr Karen O Protocol for Teaching Your Dog To Take Deep Breaths
  3. and use Bio Feedback as part of Relaxation
  4. Dr Karen O Protocol for Relaxation
  5. Dr Karen O Protocol for Generalized Discharge Instructions for Dogs with Behavioral Concerns
  6. Dr K O Protocol for Teaching Your Dog To Uncouple Cues About Your Departure from the Departure
  7. Dr O Protocol for Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning a Dog or Cat from Approaches from unfamiliar Animals including Humans
  8. Dr O Protocol for Desensitization and Counter Conditioning To Noises and Activity That Occurs By The Door
  9. Dr O Protocol For Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning Dogs To Relinquish Objects
  10. Dr O Protocol for Desensitizing Dogs Affected With Impulse Control Aggression
  11. Dr O Protocol for Assessing Pain and Stress in Dogs
  12. Dr O Protocol for Introducing a New Baby and a Pet
  13. Dr O Protocol for Activities for Clients to Practice with Puppies and Kittens
  14. Dr O Protocol For Teaching Kids and Adults to Play With Dogs and Cats
  15. Dr O Protocol For The Introduction of a New Pet To Other Household Pets