Slumber Parties

button_contactYour KittySmith Slumber Party

It’s not just dogs who slumber party with The DogSmith. We have a very special service called our Kitty Slumber Party for the more social and outgoing kitties. If your cat is not a candidate for In-Home Kitty Sitting then this may be just right for you. KittySmith

Your KittySmith can provide expert kitty care in their own home, a safe and feline friendly environment.

Your kitty is provided with:

  • Their own private accommodation
  • Access to a private litter box
  • Personalized dining options
  • Daily scatterings of catnip 
  • No rations on tender loving care

Slumber Party Departure and Arrival Times (please check with your local DogSmith, times may vary from location to location)

  • The slumber party check-in time is 12 noon. This is to enable us to prepare for your cat’s arrival after our morning departures
  • All arrival and departures are scheduled so we can maintain a happy and stress-free environment
  • Our check-out time is 11:00 a.m. If a cat stays after this time a daycare fee will apply
  • For cats checking out after 6:00 p.m. the additional night’s slumber accommodation fee applies

Schedule your free consultation so you can learn more about the KittySmith Slumber Party service and meet your KittySmith Slumber Party Host.