I always considered myself an independent individual until i left the corporate world and became a pet care business owner.  Learning to become a dog trainer and opening my own business finally gave me the  freedom i had only been able to dream about. Finally independence from the corporate world and the chains of a job.

There are so many benefits to becoming independent and opening your own business.These are not in any priority or order of importance.

  1. No more commuting and this saved time can be spent exercising and training my dogs before I go to my office.
  2. Talking about going to the office, my commute time is about 2 minutes and I can wear whatever I like.
  3. I never have business appointments before 8am unless I choose to schedule one
  4. I can work when my brain functions best and do not have to conform to a corporate time clock schedule.
  5. I never have to worry about office politics, I can make well thought out decisions without worrying about the internal gossip group.
  6. Domestic chores are easier as you can schedule appointments and tasks when everybody else is at work.
  7. My office environment is fun; I can play music and be comfortable making my time far more productive.
  8. I benefit directly from my work input
  9. I get to do what I love, every single day
  10. There are many tax advantages to working from home and having your own business
  11. I spend more time with my family
  12. There are no more Sunday evening blues
  13. I no longer have a dry cleaning bill each month
  14. Each day I can have a positive impact on the lives of dogs and cats
  15. My work day is extremely varied, at times I am balancing a bank account and then I am making creative decisions about a marketing campaign
  16. I am doing what so many other people can only dream about doing.
  17. I cannot be fired and have the ultimate in job security.

Think about it, are you ready to open your own business, do you dream of working with animals, becoming an animal trainer and being able to positively impact the lives of dogs and cats each day, sometimes guaranteeing them safety and security. www.Petindustryfranchise.com

Take the tour, watch a short webcast about how you can claim your Independence. Never work another day.