A dog’s behavior results from three critical and key components – Management of the dog and their environment, training the dog and the relationship that an owner and their pet dog share. It would be pointless to invest in dog obedience classes with a pet dog if the dog is then left unsupervised to pick up bad habits from its environment (such as getting into the kitchen trash). Alternatively, it is not possible to train and manage a dog’s environment correctly if the relationship between dog and owner is lacking trust and mutual respect.

Welcome to The DogSmith Management, Training and Relationship (MTR®) Skill Cards.My goal in creating these cards is to provide you, the pet dog owner, with a simple, effective and handy reference tool to aid you on your path to improving and strengthening the bond you share with your dog. There are few greater joys in life than learning to truly communicate with your four legged family members.  It is this communication that helps your pet become family, enhancing the life you share.  If you conscientiously use these cards on a daily basis you will be amazed at what your dog can learn and the improved relationship you will enjoy with your pet dog. Download the FREE cards here